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Teeth Chatters release monthly episodes that cover the most relevant information about systemic and oral health. 

TC 004: Surprising Oral Health Benefits of CBD - Part 1

Host: Sara Juliano, RDH | Guest: Indi Kormaku | January 19th, 2022

Today my guest Indi and I will be focusing on CBD and Periodontal Disease. Recent studies have shown that CBD-infused oral health products have helped slow the progression of Periodontal Disease. 

Periodontal Disease originates as a bacterial infection called Gingivitis. If gingivitis is left untreated, the bacteria may lead to Periodontal Disease.  

Since Periodontal Disease progresses differently for everyone, it may be difficult to know the best treatment options. I will share some tips for optimal oral health and explain how CBD-infused oral health products may help slow or stop the progression of Periodontal Disease. So, let’s get CHATTING. 

TC 003: The Complexity of Sjögren’s

Host: Sara Juliano, RDH | Guest: Indi Kormaku | December 21st, 2021

Today my guest and I will be focusing on Sjögren’s disease. Sjögren’s is an immune-mediated inflammatory disease (IMID) and is defined as a group of conditions or diseases that lack a definitive etiology, which are characterized by common inflammatory pathways leading to inflammation, and may result from, or be triggered by, a dysregulation of the normal immune response. This makes Sjögren’s an auto-immune disease.  

Those with Sjögren’s may find their journey to a diagnosis difficult as its symptoms are similar to Rheumatoid Arthritis and Multiple Sclerosis. Today, join my guest Indi and I explain more about Sjögren’s, oral health care tips, and more! So, let’s get CHATTING. 

TC 002: "The Toxic Bond" Dry Mouth and COVID-19

Host: Sara Juliano, RDH | Guest: Maggie Karnath | November 15th, 2021

In this episode, I will be discussing the toxic bond between dry mouth and the COVID-19 virus. As COVID-19 continues to remain relevant in our everyday lives, more research has been completed on the connection to the COVID-19 virus and our salivary enzyme receptors. We will discuss how the COVID-19 virus affects our ACE2 receptors found in our oral cavity and creates salivary dysfunction. Don’t miss out on this important discussion! So, let’s get CHATTING.

TC 001: Rheumatoid Arthritis

Host: Sara Juliano, RDH | Guest: Indi Kormaku | October 12th, 2021

In this episode, we will focus is on the general overview of Arthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis and the direct connection to Periodontal Disease.  We will  discuss the stages of Periodontal disease and what bacterium in the oral cavity causes Periodontal disease. 
I will share tips and techniques that will improve your oral health as well as your overall systemic health.  So, let’s get CHATTING.

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