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Lady Lubricity

Lubricity now available in-store at select Walmart locations!

Relieves dry mouth symptoms like no other product.

Lubricity is the only over the counter remedy to contain Hyaluronic Acid, known to have lubricating and moisturizing properties similar to saliva.


The travel size 2 oz bottle contains a 30-day supply. Each use lasts up to 4 hours. Simply use 4 times a day after meals and before bed consistently for at least 72 hours.

Available in-store at select Walmart locations!

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Dry mouth, namely Xerostomia, is a common medical condition where the salivary glands are unable to produce adequate saliva due to damage, underlying disease, or medical treatment. Dry mouth presents with symptoms such as tooth decay, cracked/fissured lips, mouth sores, difficulty swallowing and speech impairments.

Common Causes of Dry Mouth

Approximately 82 million people
in the US suffer from dry mouth



Lubricity is a flavorless, odorless solution that alleviates the symptoms of dry mouth. It provides a soothing, moist feeling for up to 4 hours per use when used as directed. 

Clinically Proven

FDA Cleared

FDA Cleared


Premium Ingredient

4 hours

Up to 4 Hours of Relief

72 HoursIcons

Maximum Efficacy

3-5 sprays per use

Recommended Use

3-5 sprays per use. Apply after breakfast, lunch, dinner, and before bedtime for up to 4-hours of long-lasting relief.


sugar free

Sugar Free


Alcohol Free


Gluten Free

Zero Cal

Zero Calories


Vegan Friendly

Lubricity now available at select Walmart stores

Lubricity is now easy to find in select Walmart store locations. Head to the department where oral health products such as toothpaste are sold and look for the blue and purple box. 

What our customers say about Lubricity

M. LeeCustomer
Read More
Good product and I mostly like that it doesn't have a tatse.
C. BallardCustomer
Read More
Really like that this doesn't have a taste. I use this almost everyday and I don't have to worry about tasting an annoying minty flavor.
E. FoxCustomer
Read More
Love lubricity!
Read More
The product is odorless and tasteless and wonderful! The lubrication feels like natural saliva
B. RobsonCustomer
Read More
Have used this for a few weeks now. it gives me relief.
L. PeraltaCustomer
Read More
My dry mouth was pretty bad and lubcity worked awesome.
L. McPhersonCustomer
Read More
Wasn't sure about the price but the double pack is nice.
A. LealCustomer
Read More
This spray works very well for me
R. DickinsonCustomer
Read More
This is more expensive than other products that I've tried but it does last longer so I think it's worth the cost
D. BestCustomer
Read More
I have been using Lubricity for a couple years now
Xavier CliffordCustomer
Read More
The sprayer didn't work was defective. They sent a new bottle it works good.
H. EmeryCustomer
Read More
This should be at my drugstore. Worked good for me.
D. BatesCustomer
Read More
It worked for me but should be free shipping.
S. PaineCustomer
Read More
It does not have sugar and that's good for me.
W. KnottCustomer
Read More
Worth it. Am buying again soon.
V. WagnerCustomer
Read More
Bottle didn't spray but they sent me a new one plus an extra!
L. GriffithCustomer
Read More
I have bad xerostomea and this spray helps me.
N. MarsdenCustomer
Read More
Customer service is friendly. Happy with my purchase.
K. BannisterCustomer
Read More
I've tried gum, mouthwash, toothpaste, but this spray works the best. Shipping was expensive
P. KenneyCustomer
Read More
Just ordered again. Can I get this at any local stores in NJ?
B. HopkinsCustomer
Read More
My dentist recommended lubricity. Very happy she did this has given me a lot of relief.
Jill SCustomer
Read More
Using Lubricity at night, I no longer wake up with my tongue stuck to the roof of my mouth! The more I used it, the better it worked. At first, it wore off after about 4 hours or so, but now it works all night and my mouth is much less dry all day!
D. MichaelCustomer
Read More
My husband uses the spray every day and it works great.
D. HumphreysCustomer
Read More
Excellent spray. Helps with my sjogrens.
S. BradshawCustomer
Read More
Had a dry mouth for a while. This worked for me.
Suzi G.Customer
Read More
It works great! I had gotten a sample from my dentist
Max JacobiCustomer
Read More
Easy to use & works immediately
Tamara PitmanCustomer
Read More
Solved my dry mouth problem unlike any other product
P. FowlerCustomer
Read More
Glad I found your website. Is it at walgreens?
R. PlantCustomer
Read More
Is there a discount I can use for my next order?
J. MajorCustomer
Read More
Good product.
C. BeattieCustomer
Read More
I'm diabetic and love that this doesn't have sugar
K. HawkinsCustomer
Read More
Nice it doesn't have taste to it or smell.
T. CroftCustomer
Read More
Have been using this spray every morning and afternoon. Helps me very much.
A. CalhounCustomer
Read More
Pretty easy to use
V. DavieCustomer
Read More
Did not expect to pay for shipping but I wanted to try the spray. Helping me so far
K. BurnettCustomer
Read More
Nice that you don't need a prescription for lubricity.
S. HarwoodCustomer
Read More
Glad this is a spray and not pills.
R. BoydCustomer
Read More
Easy for me to use. Like it a lot
T. HarringtonCustomer
Read More
Quick shipping but should be free. Really helped my drymouth
T. ScottCustomer
Read More
Wish it had some flavor. Other than that it worked for me.
A. FieldCustomer
Read More
So happy that I finally found a product that helps with my horrible dry mouth.
Darryl B.Customer
Read More
Great product. Will purchase again
Michael H.Customer
Read More
Priced right and shopping is free!
Paul R.Customer
Read More
I use lubricity before bed as it seems to last longer and create more comfort through the night. Have tried act mouth mouth wash, biotene, lubricity seems to give best results and no irritation... velvety smooth.
Read More
I do think the price is a little high but the product does work well.
P. DunradCustomer
Read More
helped my mouth after my surgery. My mouth was so dry I couldn't swallow.
M. RobertsCustomer
Read More
I have dry mouth constantly and used to use Biotene. This works better. It's a little pricey though.
K. WellsCustomer
Read More
Reminds me of the old Biotene spray. Big fan - will buy again.
E. SchofieldCustomer
Read More
Wasnt using it the right way at first but now it works.
J. ThompsonCustomer
Read More
Priced a bit high, but works like a charm
K. LyonsCustomer
Read More
Every one with sjogrens should try this. It works for my husband.
A. OsbornCustomer
Read More
Helps keep my mouth moist when I'm teaching all day. Will definitely purchase again.
C. WoodardCustomer
Read More
I like it
D. FrasierCustomer
Read More
Works well. Didn't last 4 hours for me, but lasts more than others I've tried.
E. StephensonCustomer
Read More
This sprayer helps me sleep better at night.
C. VasquezCustomer
Read More
cpap was making my mouth dry and lubricity helps it
W. BlanchardCustomer
Read More
This gave me relief. Does it come in gum?
J. DeaconCustomer
Read More
Gave me good relief. Will buy the bigger bottle next time.
F. GallagherCustomer
Read More
Better value than others sprays I've seen
D. AdamsonCustomer
Read More
Got the spray for my grandmother and she likes it.
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