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Provide them with a solution that works. Lubricity dry mouth spray is formulated based on the natural rehydration properties of hyaluronic acid. It relieves dry mouth symptoms for up to 4 hours, and a 2 oz spray bottle will last up to a whole month.

Dry mouth is commonly caused by numerous medications and health conditions

You patients may experience dry mouth because of their current prescribed treatment or due to their health condition. Ensure their well-being and ability to follow the treatment routine by providing an effective remedy for this unhealthy side effect.

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Ditch Oral Dryness Fast with Lubricity Dry Mouth Spray

Our 0.5 oz. Lubricity dry mouth spray uses clinically proven ingredients to reduce the discomfort of dry mouth for up to 7 days when used as directed. Order yours today.  

Rapid Relief for Dry Mouth Discomfort

Formulated by oral health experts and trusted by thousands, Lubricity moisturizing mouth spray offers instant relief from the discomfort of dry mouth. Whether your symptoms are caused by medications, medical conditions, or dehydration, Lubricity can help. 

Say Goodbye to Dry Mouth with Lubricity Dry Mouth Spray. ​

This innovative solution provides relief for those suffering from dry mouth symptoms. With its unique, 5-ingredient formula, Lubricity offers a simple and effective solution for your oral needs.

Product Advantage

Lubricity Contains 5 Simple Ingredients

Ingredients: The formula consists of Water, Xylitol, Sodium Hyaluronate, Sodium Benzoate, and Potassium Sorbate. All ingredients are carefully selected to provide the best possible results.

Lubricity Clinically Proven 2.0

Made in the USA, in Buffalo, NY, Lubricity is a brand you can trust. With its alcohol, sugar, and gluten-free formula, it is a safe and healthy choice for those with dry mouth. Try Lubricity today and experience the relief you deserve. 

Features ofLubricity

sugar free

Sugar Free

Alcohol Free
Gluten Free
Zero Cal
Zero Calories
Vegan Friendly
Lubricity Dry Mouth Portable and Convenient
It is the only non-prescription mouth oral spray that combats dry mouth symptoms using hyaluronic acid. This mimics your natural saliva to provide a lubricating effect.   This allows you to restore your mouth’s natural balance and improve oral health. Our dry mouth moisturizing spray is also vegan-friendly, sugar-free, alcohol-free, and easy to use. Simply spritz your mouth and affected areas as needed to enjoy up to 4 hours of relief. Order your dry mouth spray TODAY!. 


Dry mouth is a common condition, which is also called Xerostomia. The reduction of saliva occurs due to medical treatment, disease, injury, radiation illness, aging or even stress.

In more severe cases, it can impact your oral health and quality of life.


The signs of dry mouth are:

  • Difficultly in speaking
  • Problems eating and swallowing.
  • Skin cracking around the mouth
  • mouth sores
  • sore throat

Dry mouth can have adverse effects and result in:

  • Dental decay
  • Plaque,
  • Periodontal disease
  • Gingivitis
  • Other oral irritations
Please note that Lubricity is not indicated to treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Saliva is a natural lubricant for our mouth. When we do not produce enough saliva due to certain reasons, then our mouth gets dry and uncomfortable. Lubricity provides a moist and smooth coating when used as recommended.

Lubricity has gone through stringent testing and clinical studies. Lubricity is cleared by FDA for safety and is manufactured according to Medical Device regulation.

Patients with Sjogren's syndrome are sensitive to any flavor, especially mint, as the mint oil or any other flavor could produce a burning sensation. We are proud supporters of the Sjogren’s Foundation.