Our representative, James, was lucky enough to meet Lee Tomlinson at the Oncology Nursing Society 43rd Congress this year. Who is Lee Tomlinson? A truly inspiring character with a great story to tell. During his C-Level Exec career, Lee was diagnosed with Stage 3+ throat cancer and was admitted to the hospital for treatment. During his time there, he experienced a lack of compassion by the staff of the hospital, pushing him towards

As Lubricity Innovations began to grow, the upper management quickly realized that Lubricity would be a desired product across the country and maybe even the world. With characteristics unmatched by any other dry mouth product, Lubricity grew far and wide. Fulfilling orders through our website flourished, but our customers wanted one thing: to be able to buy our product in store. After meetings with corporate executives, it was decided that Lubricity would be

July 23rd of 2018 is World Sjogren’s Day, hosted by the Sjogren’s Syndrome Foundation, which aims to raise awareness about this commonly undiagnosed disease and to offer support to those who have been diagnosed. What is Sjogren’s Syndrome, you may ask? It’s an immune disorder that is commonly characterized by its two most prevalent side effects, dry eyes and dry mouth. People with Sjogren’s experience joint pain, swollen salivary glands,

If you’ve ever tried anti-aging face creams or skin regimens, you’ve probably heard of hyaluronic acid. Often noted as the “fountain of youth”, HA is a naturally occurring substance in the body and aids in the moisturization and plumpness of the skin, joints, and eyes. It’s ability to hold onto water molecules is something that fascinates scientists and doctors everywhere, and therefore has become a staple in plastic surgeons offices, where it is

Most of us can’t get out of bed without the thought of a morning coffee. Some of us brew a whole pot at home, some of us use single-cup servers, and some of us spend over $5 a day on a fancy Starbuck coffee cocktail. Whatever your poison, the coffee industry had taken the world by storm and has implemented a daily ritual in many of our homes. It’s even common to drink one cup