Medications: The Number One Cause of Dry Mouth

Medications: The Number One Cause of Dry Mouth Meet the Author: Sara Juliano, RDH I have been a registered dental hygienist for over a decade. I have had the pleasure of working with amazing patients and educating them on their oral health throughout my career. Recently, I made the conscious decision to branch out within the dental field, choosing to maintain my dental hygiene license, and become a dental educator. With a passion for oral […]

Could COVID-19 Be the Reason for Your Dry Mouth?

Could COVID-19 Be the Reason for Your Dry Mouth? “Best product out there especially at night time when my mouth is at its driest. I recently was on a steroid for inflammation from having COVID19 and I kept Lubricity spray on my nightstand, was super comforting during 2 weeks of extra dryness during night and daytime!  Thank you!!” -Customer Review  A person’s mouth plays an important role in protecting against foreign pathogens. Your mouth serves […]

Can Menopause Cause Dry Mouth?​

Can Menopause Cause Dry Mouth? Dry Mouth Symptoms are Related to Menopause You might be wondering if your dry mouth symptoms are associated with menopause or some other medical condition. Dry Mouth is a common symptom in many medical and non-medical conditions, so it’s no wonder why you’d want to know if your menopause is causing your dry mouth. There are many symptoms associated with menopause, including dry mouth, also known as, xerostomia. Circumstances during […]

Lubricity vs. Other Dry Mouth Solutions

Lubricity vs. Other Dry Mouth Solutions There are many dry mouth products on the market & often times it can be difficult to decide which one works best and is most effective. Everyone has different preferences and needs when looking for a Dry Mouth solution. For some, mouthwash may be best, but for others, a dry mouth spray may be ideal. There is no wrong answer when looking for a Dry Mouth solution, it is […]

What is Xerostomia?

What is Xerostomia? Dry Mouth aka: Xerostomia Dry mouth is a medical condition also known as Xerostomia. It causes a decrease in adequate saliva production, which creates an uncomfortable, dry sensation and can make eating, talking and swallowing difficult. Lack of saliva can lead to other symptoms such as mouth sores, bad breath, dry throat, and poor dental health. Do I Have Dry Mouth? How do know if you are suffering from dry mouth? We […]