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The Game-Changing Oral Spray for Vapers and Cannabis Users

The Game-Changing Oral Spray for Vapers and Cannabis Users

Introducing Lubricity Xtra, the cotton mouth oral spray that is changing the lives of vapers and cannabis users. Our unique formula provides hours of relief from cotton mouth and comes in convenient, pocket size bottles. It is sugar free, alcohol free, and gluten free. It does not contain cannabis or cannabinoids. We know how important it is to provide and give your customers a product that is both reasonably priced and of great quality. Which is why Lubricity Xtra was made to be a premium product that won’t break the bank.  

The Science Behind Lubricity's Unique Formula

The Science Behind Lubricity Xtra’s Unique Formula

23 states have already legalized adult-use cannabis, and more are sure to follow. This legalization means that tens of thousands of American adults will have access to a wide variety of cannabis products for the first time. Cotton mouth is a common result of cannabis use, regardless of the amount consumed or potency. While water can temporarily soothe these effects, Lubricity Xtra is formulated to relieve cotton mouth efficacy after consistent use for 72 hours. Lubricity Xtra forms a gel-like substance with a hint of flavor in the mouth which retains saliva longer than water.

vape and cannabis - Positive Feedback from Customers Makes Lubricity a Staple

Positive Feedback from Customers Makes Lubricity Xtra a Staple

If you‘re hesitant about introducing a new product in your store, let us put your mind at ease. Once you received positive feedback from customers who had tried Lubricity, any doubts were quickly dispelled. Not only have the symptoms of cotton mouth noticeably improved for our pleased customers, but they have made Lubricity Xtra a staple of their smoke sessions. As we constantly strive to improve our product line up, we looked to your feedback and with the cannabis user in mind, we created Lubricity Xtra and added a little flavor to go along with the experience. 


Moisturizing Oral Spray?

2 Great Flavors

Lubricity Xtra is available in two enticing flavors, Strawberry and Mint.

Clinically Proven

Lubricity Xtra  is scientifically and clinically proven to soothe cotton mouth 

Premium Ingredient

Lubricity Xtra’s premium formula uses the key ingredient, Hyaluronic Acid, known to have lubricating and moisturizing properties as human saliva. 

Up to 4 Hours of Relief

When used as directed, Lubricity is fast-acting and provides up to 4 hours of symptomatic relief. 

Maximum Efficacy

For maximum effectiveness, use Lubricity consistently for up to 72 hours.

3-5 sprays per use

Pump 3-5 sprays in and around the Oral Cavity as needed.

What Our Customers Say

“If you’re vaping, if you’re smoking, you’re getting dry mouth whether you like it or not”

Darren S. 
Vape Shop Manager 

“Definitely one of the best (dry mouth products) you can find, if you can even find something comparable”

Vape Shop Assistant Manager

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Get Ready forLubricity Xtra!

Keeping true to Lubricity’s commitment only use the purest and most essential ingredients, we bring you Lubricity Xtra. The same premium ingredients you trust now with 2 new fabulous flavor options. – strawberry and mint. We’ve designed these flavors to add a little extra flair to your experience, making it all the more enjoyable. Whether you’re in the mood for the delightful fruity notes of strawberry or the refreshing coolness of mint, we’ve got you covered.

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We appreciate our relationship with store owners; therefore we go above and beyond to help you. We also offer marketing materials to assist you in successfully promoting the product. This includes attractive displays to ensure that Lubricity grabs the attention of your consumers.

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