ICYMI: World Sjögren’s Day

ICYMI: Today is World Sjögren’s Day On July 23rd, we honor Swedish ophthalmologist, Dr. Henrik Sjögren, who first observed the immune system disorder characterized by dry eyes and dry mouth, now known as Sjögren’s Disease. This is how the Sjögren’s Foundation describes the day: “It is a day meant to put a face on the millions of people who live with this disease or suffer from symptoms and have yet to be diagnosed. It gives […]

June is Oral Health Month

June Is Oral Health Month! In case you missed it: June is Oral Health Month! In honor of Oral Health Month, the Lubricity team would like to share the importance of your oral health and some tips to achieve optimal oral health.  According to the American Dental Association, your mouth may be the first indicator of nutritional deficiencies or even general infections. Some of these signs may be oral lesions or other oral health issues.  […]