Let’s Talk About Cannabis and Dry Mouth

Dry Mouth Cannabis
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Cannabis is used for many medical reasons as well as for recreational purposes. Anyone who uses Cannabis has probably experienced dry mouth, often referred to as “cottonmouth”. But why? The answer is rather simple. Cannabis contains Anandamide, a chemical that can inhibit receptors in the mouth to produce saliva. Many people believe that smoking cannabis is what causes dry mouth symptoms, but this is not necessarily true. It’s this chemical that tricks the brain into thinking it does not need to produce saliva, resulting in that dry mouth sensation.

How Can Dry Mouth Affect You?

Besides the discomfort that dry mouth can cause, is can also result in poor oral health, bad breath, as well as difficulty chewing and swallowing. These results can inhibit your everyday activities and eventually affect your overall quality of life.

How to Relieve Dry Mouth from Cannabis Use

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