Dry Mouth, the Ultimate Buzz Kill on Valentine’s Day

On Valentine’s Day it’s worth asking: What’s the one thing that can quickly “kill the flames of passion,” according to the Durango Telegraph? It’s none other than the “dreaded dry mouth.”

In an entertaining piece titled “Move over Binaca” the Durango Telegraph posted a piece that reminded readers that the same substances that can put someone “in the mood” for romance can “wreak havoc on the salivary glands” which in turn will cause cotton mouth and “it’s good friend, halitosis.”

Dry Mouth On Special Occasions

Citing a study done by researchers at the University of Buenos Aires, the story notes that saliva reduction is directly linked to alcohol and THC consumption, substances that many Valentine’s Day revelers might use during the day’s celebration.

The story offers some tips for those “budding casanovas” who want to avoid dry mouth and dragon breath:

  • Drink more water
  • Avoid alcohol
  • Avoid spicy, sugary and acidic foods.

For the complete Durango Telegraph story, click here.

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