Dry Mouth Is Often a Sign You Need More Hydration

Dry mouth can be a side effect caused by a variety of health issues including cancer, diabetes and Sjogren’s Syndrome. But it can also be a telltale sign from your body that you are not hydrating enough.

Water balance is a hugely important issue for your body because dehydration can cause all sorts of problems, affecting body systems and organs. That’s the gist of a recent story in micetimes.asia, an Asia-based Internet news site that offers international news and reports.

The most obvious way to maintain proper water balance in your body is to drink lots of water, particularly if you are physically active and work out regularly. If you feel weak during a workout, that can be a signal that your body needs water. The report notes that muscle mass contains 75 percent of all the fluids in your body, so replenishment is essential when you experience muscle fatigue.

But it is also important to drink water even when you are sitting at a desk. Not just water, but sports drinks, coconut milk can be helpful for hydration, and fruits and vegetables contain water and are important hydration options.

Also, dieters should be especially cognizant of staying well hydrated. Certain restrictive diets can help you lose weight, but if you do not stay hydrated during your diet it can cause serious health problems.

For the complete story, click on this link: http://micetimes.asia/ten-proven-ways-to-help-the-body-to-get-drunk/