Happy Hour May Be Causing Dry Mouth Symptoms

As adults, we sometimes indulge in a night out with friends or a glass of fine, Italian wine with our dinner. Although enjoying a drink every now and then is a frequent pastime for the average American, consumption of alcohol can lead to dehydration and subsequently, dry mouth.

Alcohol is a diuretic, which means as your system takes in alcohol, it expels water from your blood through the urinary system. You may notice that you use the bathroom more often when you drink alcohol, and this is exactly why. Because the body flushes out that water in your system, it can also make you become dehydrated and therefore make you develop a dry mouth. It is important to alternate your alcoholic beverages with water to lessen the diuretic effects that the alcohol will have on your body. Luckily, if you are a person who enjoys alcohol from time to time and are experiencing dry mouth, you may be able to link the two and know that there is not a deeper cause for your dry mouth symptoms. However, it is still recommended to speak with a doctor about your symptoms.

Dry Mouth Relief

So, next time you head to happy hour, be aware that these indulgences may be causing your dry mouth…so drink some water, too! If you still experience dry mouth, consider working Lubricity into your daily routine!