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The Power of Lubricity's Five Ingredients


Meet the Author: Sara Juliano, RDH

I have been a registered dental hygienist for over a decade. I have had the pleasure of working with amazing patients and educating them on their oral health throughout my career. Recently, I made the conscious decision to branch out within the dental field, choosing to maintain my dental hygiene license, and become a dental educator. With a passion for oral and systemic health, I have seen clinically the direct impact systemic health can have on oral health. I will be extending my knowledge outside of the dental chair into the world and make an impact on the lives of others. Learn more about Sara, here

Meet The Author Sara Juliano, RDH (1200 x 1200 px)

Meet the Author: Sara Juliano, RDH

I have been a registered dental hygienist for over a decade. With a passion for oral and systemic health, I have seen clinically the direct impact systemic health can have on oral health. I will be extending my knowledge outside of the dental chair into the world and make an impact on the lives of others. Learn more about Sara, here

Lubricity Dry Mouth Spray is an innovative solution that is extremely beneficial and effective to those suffering from dry mouth and even offers other various benefits for oral and systemic health. Lubricity has only five simple ingredients. These ingredients will give you symptomatic relief, so you can get back to living the life you love! 

Dry mouth is becoming more and more widespread. People suffering from systematic auto immune diseases such as Sjogren’s and Rheumatoid Arthritis and even other health diseases like high blood pressure, cholesterol, Alzheimer’s, etc., can experience salivary dysfunction which leads to a dry mouth. Furthermore, to alleviate disease symptoms, medications are usually prescribed. The most common side effect to most, if not all medications, is dry mouth.

Lubricity employee pouring sample of Lubricity

The Power of Five

Each one of Lubricity’s simple ingredients perform its own unique function in the oral cavity. Not only to soothe dry mouth symptoms but to activate and restore the enamel, increase oral health and support overall health. We know how important saliva is to your oral health and at Lubricity, we care about your oral health. 

The 5 Ingredients in Lubricity:

  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Xylitol
  • Sodium Benzoate
  • Potassium Sorbate
  • Water
Let’s dive in deeper to the main functions and benefits of each ingredient.

1. Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid’s main function, and most vital one, is to retain moisture in the body. It works by lubricating the synovial fluid around joints and maintain moisture in the oral cavity. It has been used for various joint disorders, dry eyes, cataracts, in premium skincare, and for mouth sores. High levels of hyaluronic acid are found within the eyes and joints. Hyaluronic acid lubricates the oral cavity to retain moisture. 

While it is naturally occurring in our bodies, a change or alteration in the immune system related to an infection or systemic disease, can alter Hyaluronic Acid levels in the oral cavity and cause salivary dysfunction. This will release an enzyme called Hyaluronidase, which causes dry mouth by pulling moisture out of the oral cavity. As we age, our bodies do not produce hyaluronic acid as fast as we used to and the level of hyaluronic acid production decreases. This increases our risk for dry mouth. 

Hyaluronic Acid in Lubricity helps retain moisture, replenish hyaluronic acid in the oral cavity and aids in restoring comfort to the oral cavity to alleviate dry mouth symptoms and increase fluidity.


  • Retain moisture for longer period of times (up to 4 hours because of the Sodium Hyaluronate!) 
  • Aids in decreasing inflammation in the oral cavity
  • Aids in preventing periodontal disease bacterium from sticking to the oral cavity
  • Speeds up healing response after tooth and gum surgery
  • Reduce symptoms of acid reflux from the regurgitation of acid burning in the esophagus
  •  Alleviates burning and soreness from dry mouth symptoms

2. Xylitol

lubricity stocking

Xylitol is a natural derivative of sugar that comes from birch bark and strawberries. It is an ingredient in some oral-care products, sugar-free sweets, and diabetic-conscious foods. 

When mixed with saliva, xylitol neutralizes the PH level in the oral cavity to prevent tooth decay. Xylitol will also restore the oral cavity to a healthy PH level and reduce bacteria that causes plaque. 

Xylitol has a low glycemic index that is safe for people with diabetes, metabolic or health issues and can benefit from using Lubricity. Different diets can use products with xylitol and be confident that they are not adding to any possible cavities, they are actually reducing their chances of cavities altogether.

  • Kills the cavity causing bacterium Streptococcus mutants at very early stages and can reverse incipient caries that remain along the enamel wall
  • Decreases gingival inflammation and is great for those suffering from gingivitis
  • Prevents further migration of plaque biofilm below the gum line where the plaque releases toxins that cause periodontal disease
  • Neutralizes PH in the oral cavity to prevent decay for people with acid reflux and/or GERD
  • Binds to calcium and phosphate ions to re-mineralize and restore strength
  • Promotes protection against acidic foods
  • Stimulates the salivary flow production and increases moisture in the oral cavity

3. Potassium Sorbate

lubricity science

Potassium Sorbate is a synthetically produced salt that is odorless and tasteless. It is commonly used as a preservative in personal care products (makeup and moisturizers) and food/drinks.

It helps not only ensure that Lubricity stays fresh, but can aid your oral health.


  • Maintains healthy microbiota to prevent cavity information
  • Reduces cavity and periodontal disease bacterium with its antimicrobial benefits
  • Contains antimicrobial properties to maintain healthy bacterium levels in the oral cavity

4. Sodium Benzoate

lubricity and metaqil

Similar to Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate is commonly used as a preservative in personal care products and food/drinks. It is a man-made compound that is also odorless and tasteless. It contributes to your oral health by providing multiple benefits.


  • Prevents bacterial growth
  • Natural antimicrobial growth
  • Aids in maintaining homeostasis of normal flora bacterium in the oral cavity

Previously, I have recommended different rinses and kinds of toothpaste as well as fluoride treatments, but nothing seemed to work, then I discovered Lubricity. As always with a new product, I do my research before I recommend anything to my patients, and Lubricity works!

After researching the ingredients of Lubricity, I have recommended Lubricity to my patients and have seen the overall clinical benefits of the product. 

Most, if not all, have been consciously using the product on a consistent level and following through with the home education that I have provided them with. Upon returning with their 6-month recall appointment, I have seen significant clinical improvements and the direct impact Lubricity has made on their oral health. My patients were so grateful for my conscious guidance to improve their oral health.

I have not only seen the direct impact it has had on their oral health with amazing results, but I have seen their quality of life improve. They can eat the foods they love with comfort and ease. They are so grateful they found a product like a Lubricity to help make a difference in their lives. 

I would like to share that same information with you from a dental professional to another medical care professional so, together, we can help improve overall oral health and prevent oral diseases. 

Let’s be proactive, not reactive with our patients’ oral health and dry mouth symptoms!

What is Lubricity?

Lubricity is an odorless, flavorless, and colorless spray that is perfect for people who are overly sensitive to taste. Our Dry Mouth Spray also has Zero Calories, NO Gluten, NO Alcohol, NO Sugar, and is Vegan-Friendly!

Lubricity Dry Mouth Spray has 5 simple ingredients: Hyaluronic Acid, Xylitol, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate, and Purified Water. This simple formula is clinically proven to alleviate your dry mouth symptoms for up to 4 hours.

How to use Lubricity?

Lubricity Dry Mouth Spray comes in a convenient 0.5 oz and 2oz spray bottle. Simply point and spray 3-5 times per use. When used as directed, Lubricity provides up to 4 hours of relief from dry mouth symptoms.

For best results, we recommend using Lubricity Dry Mouth Spray as follows: 

4 for 4 lubricity

Use Lubricity after a meal and before bed. If needed, Lubricity can be used more than 4 times per day. *Some may need 3-5 pumps per use, as the bottle needs to be primed upon opening. Relief from symptoms begins immediately. Maximum effectiveness is achieved after 72 hours of continued use.

Important: If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, please consult your physician before using Lubricity. DO not use Lubricity if you are taking any medications that are contraindicated with the product. Please consult with your physician if you have any concerns regarding the use of this product. Keep out of reach of children.

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