“I will never forget the role that Lubricity played in her last days.” — uttered Dr. Julio Rodriguez, D.D.S, as he recounts the final days, he spent with his mother who struggled with Alzheimer’s disease. “[My mom] lost the ability to drink or swallow food or water. She became increasingly uncomfortable because of her dry lips and mouth.” During this tumultuous time, Dr. Rodriguez recalls receiving samples of Lubricity at his office, Dental Arts of Sunset-Miami. And like many of us looking to do something helpful for a loved one, Dr. Rodriguez, decided to bring home some samples to help ease his mother’s discomfort. Shortly after, in hopes of restoring his mother’s wellness of mouth and smile, Dr. Rodriguez gave his mother the sample of Lubricity, and to his surprise, “…changed the quality of her life. Many of her last smiles [were] after applying Lubricity and I think she actually looked forward to this.” As his mother faced Alzheimer’s with strength, perseverance, and grace, she also did it smiling. Dr. Rodriguez was kind enough to inspire us with his personal story of hope and happiness. Sharing his story allows us to see the small things we do for one another, can bring hope and happiness, along with the brightest of smiles.
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Our Customers Testimonials

Welcome to our Testimonials page, where our satisfied customers share their experiences with our dry mouth spray. Reading through these testimonials, you’ll see the positive impact our product has had on the daily lives of those suffering from dry mouth. From increased comfort and confidence, to improved sleep and overall oral health, our dry mouth spray has helped improve the quality of life for many. We’re proud to have earned the trust and satisfaction of our customers, and invite you to read their testimonials to see for yourself why our product is the best solution for dry mouth.

"I use Lubricity before bed as it seems to last longer and create more comfort through the night. Have tried Act mouthwash, Biotene, Lubricity seems to give the best results and no irritation... velvety smooth."

Paul R.
“Just a side note—I have been highly recommending the Lubricity to patients or friends and family. I have recently undergone surgery for a parotid gland removal which of course is a large salivary gland, so I have very dry mouth. This is the best product I have found that works and will be ordering online for the larger size!“
Terrisa Holt
Baptist Health Medical Group
“Have looked for a dry mouth spray that works for years. So happy I found this product. It lasts much longer than the 4 hours as well. As for the 30 day supply, I guess that depends on how much you use it. Overall good product and doesn’t have any funky taste”

“I have used everything else on the market and nothing worked well when I went to bed at night. This spray works during the day and at night, has no taste, and is much better than any of the other products.”

dragmorian mom (Amazon)
“The best dry mouth spray…… I have used many sprays for dry mouth… but this is by far the best….I saw it on the internet and tried it…The next time I ordered I seen it on Amazon and I ordered it…..If you have a problem with dry mouth… you need to try it….It has no taste and it is sort of like a spray gel”
Wyominggal (Amazon)
“I have been using it for a couple of months and it really helps with dry mouth. Using it as directed keeps my mouth really moist especially at night.”

Mrs. Donna London
“Great moisturizer for dry mouth. Lubricity is a wonderful product. I have tried many moisturizers for dry mouth and this is by far the best I’ve had.”

“Love it! Lubricity is wonderful! My favorite thing is that there no flavor, and it has the consistency of real saliva. I have extreme dry mouth issue from Sjögren Syndrome and Lubricity is my new go to dry mouth spray!”

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