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Why Am I Experiencing Dry Mouth at Night?

Why Am I Experiencing Dry Mouth at Night?-Lubricity

What is Dry Mouth?

Dry mouth is a common medical condition also known as xerostomia. This condition reduces saliva production leaving your mouth dry and creating oral discomfort. Even though you may feel generally unpleasant from the dry mouth at night, you may experience other health complications such as bad breath, poor oral hygiene, and even painful mouth sores.  

In addition to these complications, experiencing dry mouth symptoms at night may lead to poor sleep and inadequate rest. Ultimately, dry mouth at night can create a poor quality of life and leave you feeling exhausted during the day.  

Unfortunately, your evening dry mouth symptoms can affect your overall health. Saliva is crucial to keep your oral cavity moist and lubricated, and a lack of saliva at night can keep you up. Not to mention the overall benefits of saliva for your systemic health, such as preventing cavity formation and fighting oral bacteria. Don’t be a victim of dry mouth at night!

Causes of Dry Mouth

There are medical and non-medical causes that may result in dry mouth symptoms at night. Some causes are: 

  • Sjögren’s Disease
  • GERD and its treatment 
  • Medications 
  • Heart disease and treatment 
  • Diabetes and treatment 
  • Large amounts of caffeine
It is important to understand what causes your dry mouth and work on eliminating these dry mouth symptoms to ensure a restful night and a better quality of life. All in all, an adequate amount of sleep is vital. 

Why Does My Mouth Feel Even Drier at Night?

In addition to these common causes of dry mouth, some people experience even more uncomfortable symptoms during the evening and have dry mouth at night. This can be caused by snoring, breathing through your mouth, sleep apnea, dehydration, and late-night alcohol consumption. Mouth breathing and sleep apnea can make your mouth even drier by allowing air into your oral cavity while sleeping 

The Importance of a Good Night’s Sleep

Feeling groggy and unmotivated after an unrestful night is something most, if not all of us, would like to avoid. Similarly, inadequate sleep can negatively affect your concentration and productivity. This can leave you feeling distracted, indecisive, and even irritable.  

Likewise, a lack of sleep can increase your likelihood of certain health complications such as obesity, high blood pressure, and even heart disease. Restful, uninterrupted sleep is crucial for your overall health.

Some people who experience dry mouth at night drink more water at night as well, which may cause frequent evening bathroom trips. 

Don’t let dry mouth keep you up all night! 

Things to Stop Your Dry Mouth at Night

It is important to speak with your doctor about your dry mouth symptoms, but some simple changes that can help relieve the symptoms of dry mouth at night are:  

  • Make sure you stay hydrated throughout the day and have a glass of water by your bed 
  • Incorporate an alcohol-free mouthwash into your nightly oral routine 
  • Add a humidifier to your space- this will add more moisture to the air 
  • Quit smoking and tobacco use 
  • Check with your doctor to see if any medications can be taken in the morning instead of at nighttime 
  • Limit caffeine consumption, especially at night 
  • Lubricity Dry Mouth Oral Spray can help relieve dry mouth symptoms for up to 4 hours, even dry mouth at night

Take charge of your evening dry mouth symptoms today to get better sleep and create a better quality of life for yourself!

Lubricity Premium Dry Mouth Spray

Take control of your dry mouth with Lubricity!

Dry Mouth at night can lead to poor sleep and oral health complications. Take control of your dry mouth symptoms today.

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What is Lubricity?

Lubricity is an odorless, flavorless, and colorless spray that is perfect for people who are overly sensitive to taste. Our Dry Mouth Spray also has Zero Calories, NO Gluten, NO Alcohol, NO Sugar, and is Vegan-Friendly! 

Lubricity Dry Mouth Spray has 5 simple ingredients: Hyaluronic Acid, Xylitol, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate and Purified Water. This simple formula is clinically proven to alleviate your dry mouth symptoms for up to 4 hours.

How to use Lubricity?

Lubricity Dry Mouth Spray comes in a convenient 0.5 oz and 2oz spray bottle. Simply point and spray 3-5 times per use. When used as directed, Lubricity provides up to 4 hours of relief from dry mouth symptoms.

For best results, we recommend using Lubricity Dry Mouth Spray as follows: 

4 for 4 lubricity

Use Lubricity after a meal and before bed. If needed, Lubricity can be used more than 4 times per day. *Some may need 3-5 pumps per use, as the bottle needs to be primed upon opening. Relief from symptoms begins immediately. Maximum effectiveness is achieved after 72 hours of continued use.

Important: If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, please consult your physician before using Lubricity. DO not use Lubricity if you are taking any medications that are contraindicated with the product. Please consult with your physician if you have any concerns regarding the use of this product. Keep out of reach of children.

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