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Zinc - Important to Prevent Dry Mouth

Zinc - Important to Prevent Dry Mouth | Lubricity Dry Mouth Spray

Zinc is a mineral that is critical for several vital functions in our bodies. Its primary role is to ensure the proper functioning of our cells, both their growth and division. Zinc helps your immune system and metabolism function as well.  

Additionally, too little zinc can negatively affect one’s oral health, leading to gum disease, dry mouth, a loss of sensation in the tongue, and an altered taste

The Benefits of Zinc

As mentioned previously, zinc is essential for our health. Among its other roles, zinc also: 

  • Aids in the process of healing injuries 
  • Contributes to your sense of taste and smell 
  • Supports optimal thyroid function & the efficient breakdown of carbohydrates in the body 
  • Helps fetal development, as well as the overall growth of infants and kids 
  • It aids the skin and may help in addressing related conditions, such as acne  

Zinc & Your Oral Health

As much as Zinc is needed in the body, it’s even more crucial for oral health. This mineral is found in our saliva and even aids in forming healthy teeth. Generally, zinc is used in toothpaste and mouth rinses to prevent plaque formation.  

A zinc deficiency has been correlated to oral health diseases such as burning mouth syndrome and dry mouth, medically known as xerostomia.  

Side Effects of a Zinc Deficiency

While a zinc deficiency may be rare in the United States, it is crucial to understand its importance for our overall health and its side effects. When there is a zinc deficiency, the body cannot produce healthy, new cells, and this can increase the risk of various problems, including: 

  • Unexplained weight loss 
  • Delayed growth in children 
  • Loss of appetite 
  • Dry mouth (Xerostomia) 
  • Changes in taste 
  • Changes in smell 
  • Higher risk for infections 
  • Diarrhea 
  • Problems with wound healing 
  • Eye and skin lesions 
  • Lack of alertness 

Consult with a healthcare professional if you are concerned about your health complications. 

Altered Taste

Another possible common side effect of too little zinc is an altered taste. An altered, bitter taste is medically known as dysgeusia. Dysgeusia creates a metallic taste and may develop certain food aversions. Metallic taste can affect how your food tastes, leading to poor nutritional choices as well. 

Click here to learn more about the causes of metallic taste.   

How Can I Get More Zinc in My Diet?

There are a variety of foods high in zinc that can help increase your zinc levels. Here are a few: 

  • Fish 
  • Seafood 
  • Beef 
  • Poultry 
  • Dairy 
  • Nuts 
  • Legumes (chick peas, lentils, beans) 
  • Sunflower & pumpkin seeds 
  • Sweet potatoes 
  • Spinach 
  • Whole grains 
  • Zinc supplement 

*Consult with your physician before using a zinc supplement 

Lubricity Premium Dry Mouth Spray

Take control of your dry mouth with Lubricity!

A zinc deficiency can result in Dry Mouth symptoms. It is essential to take control of Dry Mouth before it results in serious oral health issues

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Do You Have Dry Mouth?

Dry mouth is a medical condition also known as Xerostomia. It causes a decrease in adequate saliva production, which creates an uncomfortable, dry sensation and can make eating, talking, and swallowing difficult.  

Lack of saliva can lead to other symptoms and medical conditions such as mouth sores, bad breath, dry throat, cracked mouth, cavities, dry or grooved tongue, difficulty chewing or swallowing, poor dental health, and malnutrition. In general, dry mouth can lead to other health concerns. It is always crucial to speak with a healthcare professional regarding any health concerns or changes you plan on implementing.  

Lubricity Dry Mouth Spray

If you are experiencing dry mouth symptoms, try Lubricity. Lubricity is a premium dry mouth spray designed to comfort the oral cavity and alleviate dry mouth symptoms. Lubricity is an odorless & flavorless solution to relieve oral discomfort caused by dry mouth.

Lubricity works differently from other solutions, forming a flavorless gel film that coats the mouth and penetrates oral tissue. This gel film provides lasting relief from even the most persistent dry mouth symptoms. 

What is Lubricity?

Lubricity is an odorless, flavorless, and colorless spray that is perfect for people who are overly sensitive to taste. Our Dry Mouth Spray also has Zero Calories, NO Gluten, NO Alcohol, NO Sugar, and is Vegan-Friendly! 

Lubricity Dry Mouth Spray has 5 simple ingredients: Hyaluronic Acid, Xylitol, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate, and Purified Water. This simple formula is clinically proven to alleviate your dry mouth symptoms for up to 4 hours.

How to use Lubricity?

Lubricity Dry Mouth Spray comes in a convenient 0.5 oz and 2oz spray bottle. Simply point and spray 3-5 times per use. When used as directed, Lubricity provides up to 4 hours of relief from dry mouth symptoms.

For best results, we recommend using Lubricity Dry Mouth Spray as follows: 

4 for 4 lubricity

Use Lubricity after a meal and before bed. If needed, Lubricity can be used more than 4 times per day.

*Some may need 3-5 pumps per use, as the bottle needs to be primed upon opening. Relief from symptoms begins immediately. Maximum effectiveness is achieved after 72 hours of continued use.

Important: If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, please consult your physician before using Lubricity. DO not use Lubricity if you are taking any medications that are contraindicated with the product. Please consult with your physician if you have any concerns regarding the use of this product. Keep out of reach of children.

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