Why Is Saliva Important?

A question to those who may not realize they are suffering from dry mouth might be, why is my saliva even important in the first place? The answer to that…it aids in so many things that you may not truly realize!

What saliva does for us:
• Helps digestion
• Aids in swallowing
• Prevents dehydration
• Protects soft tissue within the mouth
• Moisturizes the mouth
• Helps with proper pronunciation & speaking

When discovering you have dry mouth it can become overwhelming and even scary for some people. Seeking a reliable dry mouth solution can become a challenge. With so many options to choose from it’s a matter of trial and error to see what truly works best for you and your lifestyle!

This is why the creators of Lubricity dry mouth spray made their formulation and packaging easy and reliable for everyone. Lubricity has been clinically tested and proven to reduce dry mouth symptoms. With the ability to provide a full 30-day supply and on-the-go use it’s truly convenient for all users. Give it a try today!