What it’s really like to have dry mouth

For those who have dry mouth, you know how it goes. If any of our readers have not experienced dry mouth or are trying to learn more about dry mouth, look no further. We’ll tell you how it really is.

Dry Mouth
Sad, Frustrated

Dry mouth is an annoying symptom caused by a variety of reasons from prescription medications to cancer treatments. When your mouth isn’t producing enough saliva, it can be difficult to swallow, and even talk. Simple, everyday tasks become a burden. The corners of your mouth become dry and tight feeling, with your tongue feeling rough and sores beginning to form at the corners of your mouth.

Because there is no saliva present to wash away food particles and other bacteria, people with dry mouth often experience bad breath. Even wearing lipstick becomes embarrassing because the lack of saliva causes it to rub off onto your teeth. Your throat may be itchy or have a recurring tickle…and guess what’s to thank for this? Dry mouth.

Dry Mouth Spray

The one good news for people suffering from  dry mouth is that there are some truly innovative and effective products that help relieve symptoms of dry mouth so that, whatever the cause of your symptoms may be, you can still carry on a normal daily life without ever being reminded that you have dry mouth. Lubricity is an effective dry mouth spray that maintains moisture in the mouth for up to 4 hours with just 5 simple ingredients. Our compact, 2 oz bottle is an easy way to keep your mouth moisturized on the go. And with a 30 day supply in each bottle, you just can’t go wrong. Learn more here.