The Famous ESPN Reporter with Sjogren’s Syndrome

When you’re one of the country’s top sports reporters for a constantly booming company like ESPN, there is never a dull moment. Being busy and always on-the-go is a lifestyle, and sometimes it’s hard to take a step back and evaluate your health. This was the exact challenge that famous ESPN reporter, Jeannine Edwards, faced during her career.

At 54 years old, Edwards just recently ended her wonderfully successful career with ESPN, concluding an era spent on the sidelines of some of the most exciting sports games in history. Almost twenty years ago, the reporter was faced with unexpected symptoms that ultimately led to a Sjogren’s Syndrome diagnosis: something she had never even heard of. Just five years after starting with ESPN, she noticed she was having vision issues and painful dry eyes as a result. Of course, working in extreme weather conditions and having to wear TV-approved amounts of eye makeup did not help the situation. Edwards also recalls experiencing fatigue and swollen joints, but did not think the two would be related for any reason.

Edwards’s symptoms became problematic when the dry eyes were followed by excessive tearing, which was later found to be her eyes making up for the natural lubrication that eyes naturally produce. After seeing a rheumatologist and eye specialists, Jeannine was eventually diagnosed with Sjogren’s Syndrome, which is an autoimmune disorder often characterized with dry eyes, dry mouth, joint pain, and fatigue. It affects mostly women over the age of 40.

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