Study of Older Men Links Poor Oral Health with Frailty

The connection between poor dental health in 1,000 aging men and their overall declining health and frailty was underscored in a recent three-year British study noted in a report in The Daily Telescope. And of course, dry mouth and its effects, along with gum disease, tooth decay and tooth loss, were among the poor oral conditions noted in the story.

The study, reported by two dentists from Northridge, California, Dr. Michel Elyson and Dr. Ramin Assili, found that men with poor dental health are more likely to suffer frailty as they age.  The older people with poor dental health “can have a harder time getting nutrition and may struggle to speak clearly. They can also have pain and jaw problems,” the dentists noted.

Of the 1,000 men in the study, a third had dry mouth, about half had gum disease, a little more than 10 percent had difficulty eating and a little more than 20 percent had no remaining teeth.

The dentists noted the importance of being on the lookout for early signs of oral health issues because they could be a sign of other serious “health and cognitive declines.”

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