Comprehensive Study of Sjogren’s Syndrome

Sjogren’s Syndrome is covered fairly often on our blog because dry mouth is such an common issue for people who have been diagnosed with Sjogren’s.

A recent story in did a thorough job of capturing all that’s at stake with this chronic autoimmune disorder.

Dry Mouth From Sjogren’s

In short, the disorder comes when the “white blood cells that make up immune system attack the salivary glands, tear glands, and other tissues. It causes a decrease in tear and saliva production leading to dryness in eyes, skin, mouth, nose, and the upper respiratory tract.”

The story included some interesting facts about Sjogren’s, including:

  • More than 90 percent of Sjogren’s patients are female
  • The cause of Sjogren’s is not yet known, but researchers suspect “viral/bacterial strains, environmental factors, and hormonal changes in women” contribute to it
  • The main characteristic feature in Sjogren’s is the inability to produce moisture in places like the eyes and mouth
  • Blood tests that show specific types of antibodies can identify and diagnose Sjogren’s
  • Chest x-rays or CT scans can identify inflammation in the lungs linked to Sjogren’s

For the complete story, which includes an extensive list of options for treating chronic Sjogren’s, click on the following link:

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