Side Effects of Wearing a Mask

Side Effects of Wearing a Mask

It has been a full year since World Health Organization declared the spread of Covid-19, also known as coronavirus, had become a pandemic. Since then, we had multiple lockdowns, travel bans, product shortage, loss of jobs and more. Millions of people died due to the virus and millions more are still experiencing post-Covid-19 side effects.

Now a year later, we can reflect on the things we did to reduce the spread of Covid-19 and flatten the curve. One of the measures that became normalized worldwide is wearing a mask. At the start of the pandemic, CDC and WHO announced that wearing a mask and washing hands can slow down the spread of Covid-19. Many of us must wear mask on daily basis more than 8 hours per day. But does wearing a mask have any side effects?

In fact, there are multiple side effects of wearing a mask!

The Coronavirus pandemic has facilitated a litany of new words and phrases; from social distancing to wearing a mask, there’s a new expression for almost everything related to the virus. One expression that many dentists hear now is mask mouth.

Side effects of wearing a mask

Mask mouth is a term that describes side effects of wearing a mask.

Mask mouth is caused by wearing a mask for a long period of time. By keeping your mouth covered behind a mask and breathing through your mouth more so than your nose, can dry out your mouth. As your mouth becomes dry, your breath starts to smell, and your teeth suffer.

Saliva is critical to maintaining good oral health, so if you get a dry mouth, this may lead to other issues, such as tooth decay, gum disease and bad breath. Left untreated, symptoms of mask mouth can cause lasting damage to your oral cavity.

Side effects of wearing a mask include:

  • Dry mouth
  • Dry nose
  • Excessive sweating around the mouth
  • Acne
  • Itchy Nose
  • Bad Breath
  • Tooth Decay
  • Gum disease
Side effects of wearing a mask (2)

Caring for Masks is Important

When wearing a mask, remember that you can only use it for one day!
Disposable masks must be thrown away and cannot be reused. Cloth masks have to be washed daily. CDC recommends washing cloth mask in the hottest water temperature that the cloth of the mask can handle. Taking the right care of your mask can reduce the side effects of wearing a mask and ease your symptoms.

The rules about wearing a mask vary throughout the United States. However, you should wear a mask as much as possible when out in public to protect yourself and others. While wearing a mask is crucial for public safety, oral hygiene is also a priority. Mask mouth is a general expression that includes a range of symptoms; one that we can help address is dry mouth.

Lubricity is a unique saliva substitute that relieves dry mouth symptoms like no other. Lasting up to 4 hours, Lubricity provides significant improvement in the quality of life of those suffering from dry mouth and works differently from other solutions. By forming a flavorless gel film that coats the mouth and penetrates oral tissue, Lubricity provides lasting relief from even the most persistent dry mouth symptoms. Hyaluronate Acid, a compound the body makes naturally, is the main ingredient in Lubricity. Lubricity was developed and is manufactured in Buffalo, NY. Try it now buy clicking below.

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