Simple Formulation

Lubricity contains 5 safe ingredients: water, xylitol, sodium hyaluronate, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate

Up to 4 Hours of Relief

Lubricity acts rapidly and provides up to 4 hours of relief when used as directed.

Convenient Leak-Proof Bottle

Lubricity comes in a 2 oz. leak-proof bottle. It's small enough to be taken along in a purse or a pocket. Lubricity is a travel-friendly solution for people on-the-go.

Why a Free Sample?

We know that the relief you will experience from Lubricity is so great that you WILL LOVE IT! We want to give you the FREE opportunity to live a better quality of life using Lubricity. It will provide you with a flavorless, odorless solution that alleviates the symptoms of dry mouth. With a soothing, moist feeling for up to 4 hours per use when used as directed!