New Drug Shows Promise for Mitigating Radiation Side Effects

Readers of this blog understand that radiation therapy for cancer, particularly targeted around the head and neck, can cause dry mouth and other serious issues in the mouth that can last for years. It’s great news that Galera Therapeutics, a Philadelphia-area biotech, is working on a promising drug that might reduce these kinds of harmful effects.

That’s the recent story in Endpoints News, an independent news organization analyzing and reporting the top global biotech and pharmaceutical R&D industries. According to the report, Galera has very positive data in a clinical trial of an intravenous drug that, if taken before the radiation, might mitigate those debilitating side effects.

Radiation Side Effects

The drug is targeting a condition called oral mucositis that is a leading cause of dry mouth, according to Mel Sorenson, Galera’s president and CEO. The drug helps the body replenish enzymes wiped out by the radiation treatment. “Our drug mimics the effect of that natural enzyme, and does it potently,” Galera’s president and CEO Mel Sorensen told Endpoint.

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