Lubricity Takes On The Big Apple!

From November 27th through November 30th Lubricity Innovations visited the big apple to attend the 92nd Greater New York Dental Meeting. As this is one of the largest dental meetings in the United States, Lubricity could not miss it. This dental meeting had well over 54,000 attendees, all of which we wanted to meet and introduce our moisturizing dry mouth spray to!

The meeting was held at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, located in Hells Kitchen, Manhattan, New York City. The popular dental meeting featured over 650 companies with about 1,600 exhibit booths. Each booth demonstrated its own unique and innovative technology for dental professionals. With even international attendees, the Greater New York Dental Meeting was the event of the year for us at Lubricity Innovations.

We are happy to say that we met many well-educated dental professionals and successfully introduced our product to them. Everyone who stopped by our booth was overwhelmed by our enthusiasm and ability to demonstrate and explain the product. They were even in shock of how much it resembled the look and feel of actual saliva. Each person left our booth with just as much enthusiasm for the product as us.

At Lubricity Innovations we understand that there is more to it than just selling and convincing consumers to use our product, it’s building a relationship with those who use it day to day to ease their dry mouth. If you are looking for a new way to ease your dry mouth, then give Lubricity moisturizing dry mouth spray a try today. Questions? Contact us!