Lubricity Innovations At The Buffalo Niagara Dental Meeting

On November 3rd through November 4th Lubricity Innovations attended the 39th Annual Buffalo Niagara Dental Meeting at the Buffalo Convention Center, not only as a proud sponsor but also as an exhibitor. Our Lubricity team spent weeks preparing and strategizing for this event. Not a single detail was overlooked from table settings, giveaways, giant TV monitors, illuminated product sign, even a fun putting green for booth visitors to enjoy!

Let the Dental Meeting Begin!

During the Buffalo Niagara Dental Meeting our team worked together to address different questions from people coming from many different walks of life who visited us, including dental students, dental hygienists, dental instructors and dentists themselves.

Every individual that visited our booth received a full briefing of what Lubricity is and how it can help people who suffer from dry mouth. We received many questions during the Buffalo Niagara Dental Meeting and want to specifically point out a couple that many people seemed to want to know.

Common Questions We Received About Lubricity Mouth Spray

Q: How does Lubricity compare to other products on the market? A: Lubricity oral spray is longer lasting and more cost effective with no side effect. The moisturizing effect of other products will last mostly for less than an hour, whereas Lubricity oral spray will last up to 8 hours if used as directed.

Q: What makes Lubricity different? A: Lubricity oral spray is a whole different type of technology. Other products on the market typically form a coating and will only lay on the mouth. Lubricity oral spray permeates into the oral tissues, providing a more natural moistened feeling, therefore giving you a longer lasting outcome.

As time progresses and Lubricity Innovations continues to grow, along with our team, we are honored to say that we will provide a useful, cost-effective, long lasting product to people who need an oral spray that actually improves their quality of life!

Our Lubricity team would like to extend a huge thank you to all of those who visited and supported us at the 39th Annual Buffalo Niagara Dental Meeting. For those of you who were interested in learning more about our mouth spray and how it moisturizes dry mouth our Lubricity team will be formally reaching out to set up appointments. If you’d like additional information please feel free to contact us at any time.