Dry Mouth Tips from the Sjogren’s Syndrome Foundation

Writing for the Sjogren’s Syndrome Foundation, Frederick Vivino, MD, FACR, has come up with a variety of everyday solutions for treating dry mouth. Dr. Vivino is affiliated with the University of Pennsylvania, Penn Rheumatology Associates & Sjögren’s Syndrome Center, Philadelphia.

The tips in his “Simple Solutions for Dry Mouth” article include:

  • Eat smaller, more frequent meals to stimulate saliva flow. Increase your intake of liquids (e.g. water) during the day. Small sips work best.
  • Try artificial saliva. Use 2-3 squirts in the mouth every hour while awake and at night time as needed. Do not spit out any preparation that is safe to swallow to help it last longer.
  • When choosing mouthwashes or fluoride rinses avoid products containing alcohol or witch hazel which can aggravate oral dryness or burning.
  • Apply vitamin E oil (use liquid or punch a hole in capsules) or moisturizing gels to dry or sore parts of the mouth or tongue. Use 2-3x/day after meals, at bedtime, when talking for long periods, exercising, or any other time your mouth needs long-lasting relief.
  • Chew sugar-free gum or suck on hard diabetic or sugar-free candies, fruit pits or lemon rinds, if you can tolerate citrus, to activate reflexes that will increase saliva. Look for products containing xylitol, a sweetener that may help prevent dental decay.
  • Contact the Sjögren’s Syndrome Foundation to obtain a copy of its Product Directory, available free of charge to all members.

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