Did You Clean Your Tongue Today?

Those of us who are concerned with our oral hygiene need to consider one extra step in our routine each day–brushing or scraping your tongue. Adding this step to your routine could actually promote cleanliness and overall oral health.

That’s the message in a recent story in Self magazine written by the self-proclaimed “Two-Minute Tooth Brushing Girl”. She says she is “pretty on top of my oral hygiene,” even to the point of religiously sticking to the two minutes that experts recommend is necessary to properly brush your teeth.

She claims that cleaning your tongue is a “crucial component” of any oral hygiene routine for a variety of reasons, but certainly for getting “rid of grody bacteria that can cause bad breath.”
As the story notes, your mouth is full of bacteria which, in most cases, is an essential component of the natural balance in your mouth and is actually good for positive oral hygiene. According to an oral health expert from Harvard who is quoted in this article, many bacteria are responsible for protecting the mouth and help in keeping away foreign organisms like disease-causing pathogens.

But bad bacteria often lurks, and cleaning the tongue will help keep it at bay as long as you add it to your regular oral hygiene routine.

You can accomplish a good tongue-cleaning with either a toothbrush (which should be replaced every three or four months) or a tongue scraper.
For more on oral hygiene and how to clean your tongue, you can find the complete Self story by clicking the following link: https://www.self.com/story/how-to-clean-your-tongue