Cannabis and Cotton Mouth

Saliva plays a crucial role in the oral cavity. It helps us digest food and helps maintain a healthy balance of bacteria flora in the mouth1. A lack of this salivary flow, know as dry mouth, can lead to significant discomfort. Dry mouth has been a known side effect of cannabis use over the years1. Common side-effects of dry mouth include: Common symptoms include frequent thirst, cracked lips, sores in the mouth, a dry/ red tongue, difficulty chewing, swallowing or speaking, etc.

What causes cotton mouth?

Even though more research is currently on-going on the effects of cannabis use, we do know that dry mouth is a side effect of both CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the primary active compounds or cannabinoids, found in cannabis plants.

Our body has an endocannabinoid system (ECS), consisting of naturally occurring cannabinoids and cannabinoid receptors, and has many functions in the body. The submandibular salivary glands, responsible for most of our salivary flow, contain cannabinoid receptors
1. Hence when cannabis is ingested or inhaled, the cannabinoids in the cannabis bind to the cannabinoid receptors on the salivary glands, blocking it from sending messages to the parasympathetic nervous system. In other words, your nervous system fails to receive a message to maintain salivary flow, leading to dry mouth.

What can you do to treat cotton mouth?

  • Drink water
  • Chew gum containing xylitol
  • Spray LUBRICITY for fast and longer-lasting dry mouth relief. LUBRICITY has only five ingredients, one being xylitol and its main ingredient being Hyaluronic Acid, a compound naturally found in the body. LUBRICITY is the only non-prescription spray that uses hyaluronic acid to relieve dry mouth.