Bad Breath: Dry Mouth Not Alone Among the Culprits

Any discussion of bad breath has to include dry mouth. It’s certainly not alone among the culprits of halitosis, but it’s ranked up there among the worst.

A story on, an entertainment and lifestyle news website, has written an expository on bad breath and those many, perhaps unknown culprits. Right off the bat, three causes were listed as the “obvious culprits,” garlic, smoking and dry mouth.

But the story goes on in detail about some of the other causes, some that might surprise you. For instance, have you heard of a “ketogenic diet,” which the report calls trendy and involves reducing carbohydrates and substituting meat and fat. This diet forces the body to produce ketones, and a specific ketone called acetone that exudes “a funky smell that some people say is like rotten fruit.”

Or there’s the Paleo Diet, which also requires a reduction in carbohydrates, and a focus on increasing protein intake. But the high protein in the Paleo Diet can cause an increased production of ammonia “which causes a foul smell in the mouth, which is sometimes described as ‘fishy” or even smelling like urine.

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