American Academy of Oral Medicine Annual Meeting

Dr. Michael Hatton (Clinical Associate Professor) is currently working on three research projects at The School of Dental Medicine at Buffalo, NY.

He is the chief investigator on a grant funded by the New York State Department of Health, which will study the effectiveness of dental screening for HIV among asymptomatic dental patients. The study involves three New York State Dental schools, and several community based dental clinics.
Dr. Hatton will be also presenting two research presentations at the upcoming American Academy of Oral Medicine annual meeting in April 2016. One presentation will present data as to whether recently graduated dental students continue best practices they were taught while in school, as they emerge into their respective dental practices.
The second presentation will discuss pilot data from a study done under his auspices at the Dental School. It will show that HIV screening among asymptomatic dental populations is indeed effective. Several HIV infected patients, who were unaware of their HIV status, were screened and diagnosed while in a routine dental setting. All newly diagnosed patients were quickly placed into appropriate medical care.